Premium Device Sales Propel Ecommerce Growth by 24% in Latest Quarter

Ecommerce sales have experienced a substantial growth of nearly 24% in the last quarter, according to a report by The Economic Times, citing data from Unicommerce. The surge in sales was primarily driven by premium devices, while categories such as health and pharma, eyewear, and fashion and accessories also witnessed a boost. However, a slowdown in the sales of low-value fashion and appliances items raises concerns about the overall industry outlook.

Premium Devices and Selected Categories Lead the Growth:

Industry experts attribute the significant growth in ecommerce sales to the strong performance of premium devices. Consumers' preference for high-end smartphones and gadgets contributed to the overall surge in sales volumes. Additionally, categories like health and pharma, eyewear, and fashion and accessories experienced increased demand, indicating shifting consumer preferences and evolving shopping patterns.

Challenges in Low-Value Fashion and Appliances Segments:

Despite the overall growth in ecommerce sales, the fashion and appliances segments, particularly low-value items, have faced a slowdown. This trend raises concerns and highlights potential challenges in these sectors. A senior ecommerce executive suggests that this development does not bode well for the industry and necessitates further analysis to understand the underlying reasons behind the decline.

Premium vs. Budget Smartphones:

The report also reveals a dip in sales volume for budget smartphones, contrasting with the remarkable 50% surge witnessed in the premium segment over the last six months. The reopening of offline stores after the pandemic played a significant role in driving the offline sale of smartphones, as buyers often prefer a hands-on experience before making a purchase. Neil Shah, Vice President of Research at Counterpoint, suggests that the desire for tactile interaction and the ability to try out products have influenced the preference for offline purchases in the premium smartphone market.

Offline Retailers' Attractive Discounts:

The growth in sales volume for the overall ecommerce market has also been supported by the attractive discounts offered by offline retailers. The availability of discounted prices through physical stores has incentivized customers to make online purchases, further contributing to the overall surge in ecommerce sales.


The latest data on ecommerce sales volume demonstrates the industry's impressive growth of nearly 24% in the last quarter. The surge is primarily driven by the demand for premium devices and the success of categories such as health and pharma, eyewear, and fashion and accessories. However, the slowdown in low-value fashion and appliances sales highlights challenges that need to be addressed. Offline sales, particularly in the premium smartphone segment, have been favored due to the preference for physical interaction and attractive discounts provided by offline retailers. As the ecommerce market continues to evolve, stakeholders must adapt strategies to capitalize on changing consumer behaviors and sustain the industry's growth trajectory.

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