Surging Demand: Electric Vehicle Adoption Accelerates Among Indian Companies


As the global drive towards sustainable practices gains momentum, the Indian corporate landscape is witnessing a significant surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Over the past year, the demand for EVs among various companies has doubled, driven by compelling factors such as stringent carbon emission targets and the pursuit of cost-reduction initiatives. Notably, the focus on electric commercial vehicles has gained prominence, particularly among daily essentials manufacturers grappling with higher logistics expenses and a pressing need to curtail vehicular pollution and crude imports.

In a bid to align with eco-friendly practices, prominent players have embarked on ambitious EV adoption plans. Amazon India, for instance, has joined hands with Eicher Motors and Buses to introduce 1,000 electric buses for middle-mile and last-mile deliveries within the next five years. Simultaneously, TVS Motor Co. has entered into a strategic partnership with Zomato to deploy 10,000 electric scooters over the ensuing two years. Notably, TVS Motor also caters to the transportation needs of Swiggy, Amazon, and Rapido. Further contributing to this paradigm shift, Coca-Cola's bottling partners have integrated over 5,000 EVs into their distribution fleets.

Projections for the current fiscal year paint an optimistic picture of EV adoption in India. Forecasts indicate that the country is poised to witness sales of over 100,000 electric cars and nearly one million electric two-wheelers (E2Ws), signifying a remarkable increase from the previous fiscal year's numbers of around 50,000 electric cars and approximately 727,000 E2Ws in FY23.

This acceleration in EV adoption can be attributed to a combination of factors. Carbon neutrality objectives have prompted companies to rethink their transportation strategies, shifting towards cleaner alternatives to meet ambitious emission targets. Moreover, the potential for long-term cost savings has significantly bolstered the appeal of EVs, particularly in the commercial segment where operational expenses constitute a substantial portion of the budget.

As Indian corporations step up their commitment to sustainability, the momentum behind EV adoption is undeniable. With renowned players like Amazon, TVS Motor, and Coca-Cola setting precedent, the landscape is primed for a transformative shift towards greener transportation solutions. This surge in EV demand not only underscores a change in corporate ethos but also lays the foundation for a more environmentally conscious and economically viable future.



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