Arjun Mohan Appointed as Head of BYJU’S India Business


Arjun Mohan, the former CEO of upGrad, has been named as the head of BYJU’S India business, marking a significant leadership change within the edtech giant. Mohan's appointment comes just a few months after he joined BYJU’S, and he will be taking over from Mrinal Mohit, who was not only a founding partner at BYJU’S but also a key figure in the company's leadership. Mohit has chosen to leave BYJU’S to pursue personal aspirations.

Arjun Mohan's Edtech Journey

Arjun Mohan has a strong background in the edtech sector, having previously served as the CEO of upGrad. Prior to his role at upGrad, Mohan was part of the founding team at BYJU’S, where he served as the Chief Business Officer (CBO) for 11 years. His return to BYJU’S in a leadership capacity reflects his extensive experience and understanding of the online education landscape.

Leadership Transition at BYJU’S

The appointment of Arjun Mohan as the head of BYJU’S India business represents a strategic leadership transition for the company. It comes at a crucial time when BYJU’S is navigating various changes and challenges in the edtech industry. One of the notable developments is the company's decision to divest two of its significant overseas assets, Great Learning and Epic.

BYJU’S Ongoing Evolution

BYJU’S, often referred to as an edtech decacorn, has been evolving and expanding its offerings in response to changing market dynamics and the evolving needs of students and learners. The appointment of Arjun Mohan reflects the company's commitment to harnessing the expertise of leaders who understand the edtech landscape deeply.

Arjun Mohan's Role and Responsibilities

In his role as the head of BYJU’S India business, Arjun Mohan will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategies for growth and innovation within the Indian education market. His previous experience in key leadership positions within the edtech industry positions him well to lead BYJU’S India in a rapidly evolving educational landscape.

Continued Growth and Adaptation

The appointment of Arjun Mohan is expected to bring fresh perspectives and strategies to BYJU’S as it continues to adapt and grow in the highly competitive edtech sector. As the company focuses on enhancing its educational offerings and expanding its reach, having experienced leaders like Arjun Mohan at the helm is likely to be a valuable asset.



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