Bengaluru based Fintech startup Co-founder issue apology for company's 'passive aggressive' tweet to user: 'We f***ed up


 The co-founder of Bengaluru-based startup Fold Money, Nash Vail, has issued a public apology after a controversial tweet from the company's official handle drew criticism for its passive-aggressive tone in response to a user's feedback.

The incident unfolded when a Fold Money app user, currently in the beta testing phase, pointed out some flaws and expressed dissatisfaction. In response, the company's official Twitter account posted a tweet that said, "Maybe research a bit before signing up for an app that's in beta?" and included a link to their blog post detailing the challenges users might encounter with the beta version.

The user, undeterred, responded to this tweet, leading Fold Money to post another tweet: "Yup dragging the hard work of a team in public, especially the one you didn't pay for, without understanding how the product works is much easier than reading a blog post."

The company's response was widely criticized by the user and other Twitter users for its perceived passive-aggressiveness. One user, Zeel Patel, expressed disappointment, stating, "Extremely disappointed in how Fold is dealing with this situation." Patel emphasized that such feedback could have been seen as constructive criticism and urged the company to engage with customers more professionally.

Another user, Satvik Sethi, reminded Fold Money that they are an emerging fintech company and should handle criticism as feedback, maintaining professionalism.

Nash Vail, the co-founder of Fold Money, later responded to the criticism with an apology. He acknowledged the importance of user feedback in shaping the app's development and admitted that the situation was poorly handled. In his tweet, he stated, "We have taken and responded to a lot of feedback. Most of the app, what it is now, has a direct connection to some feedback or request made on our discord/x. This was just poorly handled; we’re sorry about that."

Vail's apology reflects the significance of maintaining a professional and constructive dialogue with users, even when faced with criticism. Startups often rely on user feedback to refine their products and services, making it essential to foster a positive and respectful relationship with their user base.

This incident serves as a valuable lesson for companies in the tech industry, highlighting the importance of maintaining professionalism and handling user criticism with humility and grace, ultimately fostering a stronger and more supportive user community.



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