Delhi High Court Restricts Rogue Websites from Streaming ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023


The Delhi High Court has issued a significant order aimed at curbing the unauthorized broadcasting and streaming of the upcoming ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023. Scheduled to take place from October 5 to November 19, this cricketing extravaganza is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. The order comes as a response to concerns raised by Star India Pvt Ltd and Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd, the operator of the Disney+ Hotstar platform, regarding the potential infringement of their broadcasting rights.

Cricket's Immense Popularity and the Challenge of Piracy:

Cricket matches, especially events of the magnitude of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, enjoy enormous popularity, drawing in viewers from across the globe. Unfortunately, this popularity has also made these events attractive targets for rogue websites engaged in piracy and unauthorized streaming. In the past, such websites have exploited the fervor surrounding cricket tournaments to indulge in unscrupulous practices.

The High Court's Ruling:

The Delhi High Court, recognizing the need to safeguard the broadcasting rights and interests of the concerned parties, has taken a proactive stance against potential piracy. The court's ruling specifically targets rogue websites that may attempt to broadcast or stream the World Cup matches without proper authorization.

As part of the ruling, the court has directed relevant authorities to block and suspend any websites found to be in violation of the order. This decisive action serves as a strong deterrent to those contemplating unauthorized dissemination of the cricket matches.

Legal Background:

The lawsuit that led to this ruling was initiated by Star India Pvt Ltd and Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd. They raised concerns about the potential infringement of their broadcasting rights, seeking the court's intervention to protect their exclusive rights to broadcast the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023.

Protecting the Integrity of Sporting Events:

The Delhi High Court's order underscores the importance of protecting the integrity of sporting events, especially on platforms where broadcasting rights have been legally secured. This ruling not only safeguards the interests of broadcasters and content providers but also upholds the value of authorized broadcasts, which play a crucial role in supporting the development and sustainability of sports.

As the countdown to the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 begins, the Delhi High Court's order provides a vital shield against potential piracy and unauthorized streaming. This legal intervention underscores the significance of respecting broadcasting rights and ensuring that the cricketing spectacle reaches viewers through legitimate and authorized channels. It sends a clear message that rogue websites engaging in unauthorized dissemination of sporting events will face legal consequences, thus preserving the spirit and integrity of cricket tournaments like the World Cup.



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