DroneAcharya Partners with Wollstone Capital SA to Open 30 Remote Pilot Training Organizations in India

  DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations, an emerging player in the drone industry, has entered into a significant partnership with Switzerland's Wollstone Capital SA. Under this collaboration, the companies are set to establish 30 Remote Pilot Training Organizations (RPTOs) across India, signaling a major development in the country's drone ecosystem. The deal, valued at $2.7 million (INR 23 crore), holds the potential to significantly boost drone sales, services, and certified training in the region.

Empowering India's Drone Ecosystem

The partnership between DroneAcharya and Wollstone Capital SA is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the drone industry in India. These RPTOs will play a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities and knowledge of individuals interested in drone technology. Moreover, they will offer certified training, providing aspiring drone pilots with the skills and qualifications necessary for safe and legal drone operations.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Drone Services

DroneAcharya, with its expertise in the field, is well-poised to contribute to the growing demand for drone-based services in India. The company has already trained an impressive 500 DGCA certified drone pilots since its inception. The establishment of 30 RPTOs will not only facilitate more comprehensive training but also promote awareness about the potential applications of drones across various industries.

Expanding Drone Training Academies

As part of its growth strategy, DroneAcharya aims to open over 100 training academies. This ambitious initiative aligns with the increasing need for skilled drone operators across sectors. These training academies will equip individuals with the knowledge and practical experience required to operate drones safely and efficiently.

DroneAcharya's Versatile Offerings

DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations is known for its diverse range of drone-based enterprise solutions. The company serves multiple sectors, including oil and gas, mining, and agriculture, by offering innovative drone applications. These applications encompass tasks such as aerial inspections, surveillance, data collection, and more. DroneAcharya also provides comprehensive training programs covering drone piloting, drone building, and other relevant areas.

Driving Growth in the Drone Industry

The establishment of 30 RPTOs in collaboration with Wollstone Capital SA is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of the drone industry in India. By nurturing skilled drone pilots and promoting the responsible use of drone technology, this initiative aligns with the broader objective of fostering a thriving and sustainable drone ecosystem in the country.



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