Elon Musk Biography Reveals Third Child with Grimes: Meet Techno Mechanicus

A forthcoming biography of Elon Musk has unveiled a surprising revelation: the Tesla CEO and entrepreneur has a previously undisclosed third child with his former partner, Canadian musician Grimes. The child, whose age remains undisclosed, is named Techno Mechanicus but goes by the nickname Tau. This revelation comes after Musk and Grimes had attempted to keep the existence of their third child private.

Journalist Walter Isaacson, renowned for his biographies of influential figures, is set to release his biography of Elon Musk next week. Isaacson's access to Musk over the past two years allowed him to confirm this family secret, marking the first official acknowledgment of Techno Mechanicus's existence. The New York Times recently reported on this revelation, generating substantial public interest.

With the addition of Techno Mechanicus, Elon Musk now has ten known biological children with three different women, marking a significant facet of his personal life. Musk and Grimes, originally named Claire Boucher, initially made their relationship public in May 2018. Subsequently, they shared the joyous news of the birth of their first child in 2020, famously named X Æ A-Xii, or X. In March, the couple welcomed their second child, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, affectionately known as Y.

Aside from the family revelations, Isaacson's upcoming biography also made headlines for an extraordinary claim involving Musk's involvement in a geopolitical event. According to the biography, Musk allegedly interfered with a Ukrainian offensive operation in Crimea by disabling the nearby Starlink satellite coverage. This move aimed to prevent potential escalations, as Musk feared the offensive could trigger a nuclear response from Russia.

However, Musk responded to these allegations via Twitter, stating that he did not deactivate the satellites but clarified that they had never been activated in the first place. He further justified his decision, emphasizing that his primary concern was preventing actions that could lead to a dangerous geopolitical situation.

The forthcoming biography promises to shed more light on Elon Musk's life, his impact on technology and space exploration through companies like Tesla and SpaceX, and his intriguing personal choices. It's likely to be a fascinating read for those curious about the mind behind some of the world's most innovative and disruptive ventures.

the revelation of Elon Musk's unreported third child, Techno Mechanicus, adds a new layer to the life of this high-profile entrepreneur. As the biography's release date approaches, it promises to provide further insights into Musk's life, achievements, and his role in shaping the future of technology and space exploration.



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