Ergos Raises $10 Million in Series B Funding to Transform Grain Storage for Farmers


Agritech startup Ergos has secured $10 million in its Series B funding round, comprising a mix of equity and debt financing. The funding round was led by Abler Nordic, a Norway-based investor, and included participation from existing investors such as Aavishkaar Capital, Chiratae Ventures, and Trifecta Venture Debt Fund. Founded in 2012 by Kishor Kumar Jha and Praveen Kumar, Ergos has introduced an innovative approach to grain storage, allowing farmers to digitize their produce and optimize their selling opportunities post-harvest.

Ergos' Grain Storage Transformation

Ergos has pioneered a groundbreaking solution in grain storage, empowering farmers to convert their harvested crops into digital assets that can be easily traded. This transformative approach revolutionizes traditional grain storage practices, providing farmers with greater flexibility and financial opportunities. By digitizing their produce, farmers can better time their sales to maximize profits and navigate the agricultural market more effectively.

Platform Impact and Reach

Through its platform, Ergos currently serves more than 160,000 farmers, making a significant impact in the agricultural sector. The company boasts an extensive network of farm-gate warehouses, known as the Grainbank network, with a presence in over 200 locations. This vast network ensures that farmers have convenient access to modernized grain storage facilities, facilitating the transition from traditional storage methods to the digital asset trading model.

Ergos' successful Series B funding round, led by Abler Nordic and supported by existing investors, underscores the significant value the company brings to the agriculture industry. By providing farmers with the means to digitize their produce and optimize their selling strategies, Ergos is driving innovation in grain storage practices. The funds raised in this round will further empower Ergos to expand its reach, benefiting more farmers and helping them unlock the full potential of their agricultural endeavors.



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