Kerala-based EdTech Startup Interval Chosen for Finland's 'Talent Boost' Project

Kerala-based educational technology startup, Interval, has achieved a remarkable feat by being selected for Finland's prestigious 'Talent Boost' project. This project, initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Finland, is designed to attract skilled talent and investors across diverse sectors. Interval, known for its innovative approach to education, proudly claims the distinction of being the sole Indian startup to receive an invitation to participate in this endeavor. With its unique one-to-one live tutoring model, Interval is making waves in the edtech sector, serving over 25,000 students across 30 countries.

Interval's Innovative Approach

Interval, headquartered in Areekode, Kerala's Malappuram District, has carved a niche for itself in the field of education technology. The heart of its offering lies in a one-to-one live tutoring model, where educators directly engage with students. This personalized approach ensures that each learner receives individualized attention and support, a critical factor in effective learning. This distinction has made Interval a standout player in the edtech landscape.

Talent Boost: Attracting Skilled Talent and Investors

The 'Talent Boost' project, spearheaded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Finland, aims to create an environment conducive to attracting top-tier talent and investments from around the world. It seeks to position Finland as a hub for skilled professionals and innovative startups. Interval's selection for this project underscores the startup's global potential and its alignment with Finland's vision for nurturing talent and fostering innovation.

Global Recognition at 'Experience Tampere'

The announcement of Interval's participation in the 'Talent Boost' project came at the global tech gathering 'Experience Tampere.' Held from September 12 to 16 in Tampere, Finland, this event showcased the city's robust startup ecosystem, recognized as one of the finest in all of Europe. Interval's recognition at this international forum reaffirms its status as a promising player in the edtech sector.

Founder's Gratitude and Vision

Ramees Ali, the founder of Interval, expressed his gratitude for the exceptional support the company has received. He also highlighted the significant backing provided by the Finnish government to facilitate Interval's expansion into Europe. Finland's advocacy for edtech platforms aligns with Interval's mission to advance the education sector. Ali emphasized the pivotal role played by edtech in transforming and enhancing the learning experience.

Interval's selection for Finland's 'Talent Boost' project signifies a significant milestone in the startup's journey. It not only validates Interval's innovative approach to education but also opens doors to a world of opportunities and collaborations. As Interval continues to deliver personalized education to students worldwide, its participation in this project reinforces the global recognition of Indian startups and their potential to shape the future of education. This achievement underscores the importance of innovative edtech platforms in advancing the education sector on a global scale.



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