LinkedIn Unveils Top 20 Indian Startups 2023 : Zepto and Blusmart Leads the Way

LinkedIn, the global professional network with over 950 million members, has unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 LinkedIn Top 20 Indian Startups List. This annual ranking spotlights emerging companies that professionals worldwide aspire to work for. The list is meticulously compiled using LinkedIn's exclusive data, taking into account key factors such as employee expansion, job seeker interest, and engagement within the LinkedIn community.

Zepto: Leading the Charge

Topping this year's Top Startups ranking is Zepto, a dynamic ecommerce grocery app. Zepto has risen through the ranks, moving from the 4th position in 2022 to claim the top spot in 2023. Founded in 2021, Zepto has witnessed remarkable growth, achieving unicorn status in August, marking India's first unicorn of the year. This achievement comes on the heels of securing an impressive $200 million in new funding.

BluSmart and Ditto Insurance: Strong Contenders

BluSmart, India's pioneering electric ride-sharing company, secured the second position on the list, maintaining its presence for the third consecutive year. Following closely is Ditto Insurance, a fintech company founded in 2021, showing impressive traction in the industry.

Exponent Energy: A Newcomer Shaping the EV Sector

A notable newcomer to the list is Exponent Energy, an electric vehicle (EV) startup. This inclusion reflects the burgeoning growth of the EV sector in India, encouraged by the government's 'Make in India' initiative.

Fintech and Edtech Dominate

The fintech sector continues its dominance in India's Top Startups list, with four fintech startups making their mark. These include Ditto Insurance (ranked 3rd), Fi (ranked 7th), Jar (ranked 11th), and StockGro (ranked 14th). Additionally, the edtech industry also stands out in this year's rankings. Companies like GrowthSchool (ranked 10th), Teachnook (ranked 13th), and AccioJob (ranked 17th) underscore the ongoing demand for skill development among professionals and students, driven by rapid technological changes like AI.

The Top 20 Startups of 2023



3.Ditto Insurance


5.Skyroot Aerospace










15.Exponent Energy






LinkedIn's Top 20 Indian Startups List for 2023 showcases the incredible talent and innovation within India's startup ecosystem. These companies represent a wide array of industries and demonstrate the country's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and technological advancement. As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they contribute significantly to India's reputation as a global startup hub.



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