ONDC Collaborates with Google Cloud to Drive Ecommerce Adoption in India


The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has joined forces with Google Cloud to accelerate the adoption of ecommerce in India through the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). As a significant step in this partnership, both organizations are set to launch a nationwide hackathon called "Build for Bharat."

The primary objective of the hackathon is to cultivate an open ecosystem that encourages the participation of developers, students, and startups to promote innovation within the ONDC framework. This initiative aligns with ONDC's mission to revolutionize the digital commerce landscape in India by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

The hackathon, spanning three months, will provide participants with valuable mentoring and support as they work on solving ecommerce-related challenges. It aims to harness the collective creativity and expertise of the Indian developer community to drive meaningful advancements in the digital commerce sector.

The partnership between ONDC app and Google Cloud represents a strategic collaboration that seeks to leverage generative AI to enhance the overall ecommerce experience. This technology can potentially transform various aspects of online retail, including personalization, supply chain optimization, and customer engagement.

In June, ONDC and Google Cloud took a significant step toward facilitating seamless access to the ONDC platform by launching the ONDC Open Commerce solution. This open-source solution is designed to simplify the onboarding process for both users and buyers, making it easier for businesses to join the ONDC network.

India's ecommerce sector has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, and the ONDC initiative is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital commerce in the country. By fostering innovation and collaboration through initiatives like the "Build for Bharat" hackathon, ONDC and Google Cloud aim to empower businesses and consumers alike with cutting-edge solutions that enhance the ecommerce ecosystem.

The "Build for Bharat" hackathon serves as an exciting opportunity for India's tech community to come together and contribute to the advancement of digital commerce in the country. With the support of ONDC and Google Cloud, participants have the chance to drive meaningful change and innovation in one of India's most dynamic industries.



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