ONDC Introduces 'ONDC Network Gift Card' to Enhance Corporate Gifting

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), supported by the government, has unveiled the 'ONDC Network Gift Card' ahead of the festive season. This innovative gift card is designed for corporate gifting and employee engagement, with the aim of increasing transactions on the platform and boosting customer engagement for sellers on ONDC.

Key Features of the ONDC Network Gift Card

The ONDC Network Gift Card offers several notable features:

  1. Compatibility with ONDC-Enabled Buyer Applications: Holders of the gift card can use it for shopping through any ONDC-enabled buyer application. This flexibility allows recipients to choose from a wide range of products and services offered by ONDC's partner sellers.

  2. RuPay Network-Powered: The gift card is powered by the RuPay Network, ensuring a secure and seamless payment experience for users.

  3. Maximum Load Amount: The card can be loaded with a maximum amount of INR 10,000, providing users with substantial purchasing power for their gifting needs.

  4. Boosting Customer Engagement: ONDC's decision to introduce the gift card is driven by its commitment to assisting sellers in enhancing customer engagement. By offering this gifting option, sellers can attract more customers and increase their sales during the festive season.

Collaboration with Financial Institutions

ONDC has collaborated with financial institutions to launch the 'ONDC Network Gift Card.' Yes Bank and OmniCard have become the first two issuers of the card, making it accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, several other banks and fintech platforms are in the process of preparing to offer the gift card to their customers.

Festive Season Strategy

The timing of this launch aligns strategically with the upcoming festive season. During this period, consumer spending traditionally surges, and gift-giving becomes a significant part of the celebrations. The 'ONDC Network Gift Card' provides individuals and corporates with a convenient and versatile gifting option, allowing recipients to choose products and services that best suit their preferences.

The introduction of the 'ONDC Network Gift Card' by ONDC is a step towards enhancing the digital commerce ecosystem in India. By offering this versatile gift card, ONDC aims to stimulate increased transactions on its platform and support sellers in boosting customer engagement. As more financial institutions join as issuers, the reach and accessibility of the gift card will expand, providing more users with a seamless and secure gifting experience. This move reflects ONDC's commitment to facilitating digital commerce growth and innovation in the country.



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