PM Modi's Vision: 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas' for a Human-Centric World

As India gears up to host the prestigious G20 summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has articulated a powerful vision that transcends traditional economic metrics. In an exclusive interview, he emphasized the need to shift from a "GDP-centric approach" to a "human-centric one," advocating that every voice matters, regardless of a country's GDP size. This visionary perspective not only reflects India's evolving role on the world stage but also its commitment to fostering a more equitable and inclusive global community. In this blog post, we explore PM Modi's insights and his vision for a human-centric world.

G20: A Catalyst for Change: The G20, consisting of countries that collectively represent 85% of global GDP, 75% of international trade, and 65% of the world population, has a pivotal role to play in shaping the world's economic landscape. PM Modi acknowledged this influence but also highlighted a profound transformation underway—a shift from economic dominance to a focus on human well-being.

Seeds of Confidence: India's presidency of the G20, which began last November and will continue until December, has been instrumental in fostering confidence among nations, particularly in the so-called Third World. It has demonstrated that a model like "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas" (Collective Efforts, Inclusive Growth) can serve as a guiding principle for global welfare.

A Changing World Order: Just as the world witnessed a new order after World War II, PM Modi envisions a new world order emerging in the post-COVID era. The shift to a human-centric approach is already underway globally, with India playing a catalytic role in this transformation.

India's Progress and Aspiration: PM Modi also highlighted India's remarkable progress, emphasizing that the nation is no longer seen solely as a land of over one billion hungry stomachs but as a hub of over one billion aspirational minds, two billion skilled hands, and a vast youth population. India's growing stature on the world stage is a testament to its determination and resilience.

Vision for 2047: In the interview, PM Modi touched upon various aspects, including economic growth, cybersecurity, bio-fuel policy, UN reforms, climate change, and his vision for India in 2047. His vision extends beyond just economic prosperity to a holistic transformation that encompasses all dimensions of human well-being.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision for a human-centric world, as articulated ahead of the G20 summit, reflects India's commitment to fostering an equitable and inclusive global community. The transition from a GDP-centric approach to one focused on human welfare is a powerful shift, highlighting the importance of every individual's voice and well-being. India's role as a catalyst in this transformation underscores its growing influence on the world stage, and it sets a promising path for a future where collective efforts and inclusive growth guide the way for all nations.



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