Razorpay Introduces D2C GRO Suite to Empower Indian E-commerce Businesses

Razorpay, a leading Banking Platform for Businesses in India, has launched the D2C (GRO Suite during the D2C Sparkx 2023 event. This comprehensive suite, introduced by key executives Shashank Kumar, Rahul Kothari, and Khilan Haria, is set to revolutionize the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and E-commerce landscape in India. With the aim of addressing various challenges faced by E-commerce enterprises, the D2C GRO Suite promises to boost revenue by up to 50%.

Key Challenges in Indian E-commerce: Despite a promising projected CAGR of 19 percent in the Indian E-commerce market from 2022, businesses encounter obstacles such as customer acquisition, retention, and payment optimization. Suboptimal checkout experiences have also been a concern, impacting overall customer satisfaction.

Razorpay's D2C GRO Suite: Razorpay's D2C GRO Suite is custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of D2C and E-commerce brands. It encompasses a wide range of solutions, from customer engagement to fraud prevention, enhancing post-purchase experiences, and fostering customer loyalty. The suite offers comprehensive support throughout the E-commerce lifecycle.

New and Existing Products: The suite builds on Razorpay's existing lineup, which includes International Payments, Affordability Widget, Reduction, and Magic Checkout. Additionally, it introduces seven new products to provide a holistic approach to E-commerce challenges.


Khilan Haria, SVP, and Head of Payments Product at Razorpay, expressed the company's commitment to empowering businesses. He highlighted the dynamic nature of the D2C industry, driven by surging demand, emerging opportunities, advanced technology, and favorable policy support. Razorpay aims to enable exponential growth for E-commerce, especially D2C businesses, by enhancing the customer experience at every stage.

Razorpay's D2C GRO Suite represents a significant step forward in empowering Indian E-commerce businesses. As the industry experiences rapid growth, this suite equips brands with the tools they need to thrive and offers comprehensive solutions for various challenges. Razorpay's dedication to supporting businesses in the dynamic D2C sector is evident in the suite's extensive array of products, designed to enhance and sustain growth while prioritizing customer-centric initiatives. D2C FULL FORM : DIRECT TO CUSTOMER



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