Recycap Technologies Secures €155,000 Funding to Accelerate Coffee Capsule Recycling Innovation

Valencia-based Recycap Technologies, a trailblazer in coffee capsule recycling founded in 2022, has secured an additional €155,000 in funding from the National Innovation Company, S.A (ENISA) and Veos Ventures S.L. This boost will accelerate the production of their latest REACT coffee capsule devices, REACT-H and REACT-S.

The global coffee pod consumption, particularly in Western Europe and North America, has surged, reaching a market value of $12.33 billion in 2022 from $9.92 billion in 2021. Astonishingly, every minute sees approximately 39,000 coffee capsules produced worldwide, with Spain alone consuming over 5 million capsules daily. However, a concerning statistic reveals that only 10% of these capsules are recycled, leaving nearly 100 tons of coffee-filled capsules discarded in landfills each day.

In response, Recycap Technologies developed the Recycap Automated Coffee Technology (REACT™) system, allowing effortless recycling of both aluminium and plastic coffee capsules. The patented REACT™ technology efficiently removes coffee grounds, enhancing the recycling process. Recycled capsules can be disposed of in regular recycling bins, making the process consumer-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Veos Ventures' Bassam Damaj stated, “Our continued investment in Recycap indicates the notable progress the company has achieved. We are positive about their potential to address this vital environmental issue.”

This funding injection propels Recycap Technologies towards manufacturing commercial-sized recycling devices, initiating commercial operations, forming industry partnerships, and innovating the first home coffee machine with integrated REACT™ technology. Additionally, they collaborate with major coffee retailers and brands for point-of-sale aluminium coffee capsule recycling initiatives.

Recycap Technologies' founders emphasized their mission, stating, “The REACT™ platform enables businesses and consumers to recycle coffee capsules conveniently, reducing their environmental impact. We are passionate about making a difference and strive to bring new technologies and patented recycling solutions to the market, reducing our impact on the planet.



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