Trifecta Capital Successfully Closes Oversubscribed Venture Debt Fund III at INR 1,777 Crores


Trifecta Capital, headquartered in Delhi NCR, has achieved a significant milestone with the final close of its third venture debt fund, Trifecta Venture Debt Fund III, at INR 1,777 crores. The fund's success in surpassing its initial target of INR 1,500 crores underscores the robust investor confidence in Trifecta Capital's strategic approach. This achievement not only bolsters the firm's position in the venture capital landscape but also signifies a strong commitment to supporting India's burgeoning startup ecosystem.

Exceeding Expectations: Oversubscribed Fund

Trifecta Capital's Venture Debt Fund III garnered substantial interest from investors, resulting in it being oversubscribed. This oversubscription demonstrates the high level of trust and enthusiasm among investors for the firm's venture debt offerings. The initial close of the fund occurred in November 2021, laying the foundation for the subsequent success it has achieved.

Capital Recycling Provision: Unlocking Greater Potential

One notable feature of the fund is its provision for capital recycling, a strategic mechanism that enhances its financial strength. With this provision in place, Trifecta Capital's Venture Debt Fund III will have an investible corpus of up to INR 4,440 crores. This not only amplifies the fund's capacity to support startups but also showcases its adaptability to seize emerging opportunities in India's dynamic entrepreneurial landscape.

Empowering India's Startup Ecosystem

Trifecta Capital has been actively contributing to the growth and development of India's startup ecosystem. Already, the firm has allocated INR 1,500 crores from its third fund to support over 50 startups. Among the notable beneficiaries are Zepto, The Good Glamm Group, Kissht, Rebel Foods, and Cashfree Payments. This capital infusion has enabled these startups to scale their operations, drive innovation, and make a substantial impact in their respective sectors.

Dry Powder of INR 3,000 Crores: Fueling Future Growth

With the successful close of Trifecta Venture Debt Fund III, the firm now boasts a dry powder of INR 3,000 crores. This financial reserve positions Trifecta Capital as a key player capable of swiftly seizing investment opportunities in the ever-evolving startup ecosystem. It reflects the firm's commitment to actively participate in India's entrepreneurial journey and contribute to the success stories of innovative startups.

Trifecta Capital's achievement in closing its oversubscribed Venture Debt Fund III at INR 1,777 crores is a testament to its strong reputation and investor trust. The fund's provision for capital recycling amplifies its potential impact on India's startup ecosystem, while its significant dry powder of INR 3,000 crores underscores its readiness to fuel the growth of promising startups. Trifecta Capital's dedication to supporting and nurturing India's entrepreneurial landscape reaffirms its pivotal role in shaping the country's startup success stories.



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