Venture Catalysts Achieves Remarkable Returns with Partial Exit from Cusmat: A 4.2X Success Story


Investment firm Venture Catalysts has announced its impressive partial exit from B2B skilling startup Cusmat, yielding remarkable returns and highlighting the platform's strong investment strategy. In a statement, Venture Catalysts reported an extended internal rate of return (XIRR) of 60% through this exit, showcasing the platform's ability to identify and support promising startups. This partial exit occurred during Cusmat's $3.5 million Series A funding round in February this year, marking a successful journey of less than three years since Venture Catalysts' initial investment.

Key Highlights of Venture Catalysts' Success with Cusmat:

Exceptional Returns: Venture Catalysts' partial exit from Cusmat has generated an impressive 4.2X return on investment, underscoring the platform's proficiency in nurturing and capitalizing on high-potential startups.

Swift Growth: Cusmat, founded in 2016, has demonstrated rapid growth as a mataverse-powered immersive skilling platform. It specializes in empowering large enterprises to enhance the skill sets of their industrial workforce, addressing a critical need in the evolving industrial landscape.

Strategic Timing: The decision to partially exit during Cusmat's Series A funding round in February 2023 demonstrates Venture Catalysts' strategic timing and ability to maximize returns for its investors.

Cusmat: Revolutionizing Industrial Skilling with Mataverse Technology

Cusmat's unique value proposition lies in its utilization of mataverse-powered immersive skilling solutions. This approach enables large enterprises to effectively upskill their industrial workforce by providing immersive and interactive training experiences. In an era where workforce development and adaptability are crucial, Cusmat's platform addresses the growing demand for innovative and efficient skilling solutions.

Venture Catalysts' Investment Strategy:

Venture Catalysts' successful partial exit from Cusmat exemplifies its investment prowess and commitment to identifying startups with significant growth potential. By strategically investing and supporting startups in their journey to success, Venture Catalysts has not only provided substantial returns for its stakeholders but has also played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the business ecosystem.

Venture Catalysts' achievement with the partial exit from Cusmat reinforces the platform's position as a leading player in the investment landscape. The impressive 4.2X return on investment and the XIRR of 60% demonstrate the effectiveness of its investment strategy. As Cusmat continues to thrive and innovate in the skilling sector with mataverse technology, Venture Catalysts' success story serves as an inspiration for both investors and startups seeking growth opportunities in the dynamic startup ecosystem.



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