Wander Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand Sustainable Luxury Tourism Pods in Australia


Wander co-founder and CEO Cassandra Sasso

Wander, a Sydney-based startup specializing in sustainable tourism, has initiated a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of raising up to $5 million. The funds will be utilized to expand its portfolio of luxury short-stay cabins in some of Australia's most remote and picturesque locations. Founded by Cassandra Sasso and Cameron Crispin, Wander currently operates nine WanderPods in two locations, Kangaroo Island in South Australia and the Scenic Rim in Queensland. Their vision includes adding four more locations to their network.

Wander's Unique Offering: Wander's core concept revolves around establishing an off-grid network of WanderPods, strategically positioned in Australia's breathtaking natural landscapes. These pods serve as spaces for guests to connect with the country, themselves, and their communities. The company collaborates with landowners, securing sites through leaseback arrangements. Wander designs, builds, and operates these "light-earth touch" modular WanderPods as luxury self-contained cabins for the short-term tourism accommodation market.

Impressive Growth and Fundraising: Since its launch in December 2021, Wander has experienced substantial growth. They have raised over $3.13 million in funding while generating $2 million in revenue. Notably, they have hosted more than 5,000 guests, indicating a strong demand for their unique offering.

Crowdfunding Campaign: Wander's current crowdfunding campaign, hosted on the Birchal platform, aims to secure a minimum of $500,000 and up to $5 million. The final amount raised will determine the number of new locations Wander can establish. The company already has plans for expansion in the Grampians (Victoria), the Snowy Mountains (NSW), Nightcap (NSW), and the Flinders Ranges (South Australia).

Sustainability and Innovation: Wander's sustainable approach sets it apart from traditional hotel construction. While a conventional four or five-star hotel room costs around $600,000 and takes several years to build, WanderPods offer a cost-effective solution. They cost up to 25% less and can be manufactured in just 16 weeks, up to five times faster than traditional construction methods. This innovative approach aligns with their commitment to sustainability.

Support for Local Communities: Wander's expansion strategy includes partnering with local landowners and engaging with regional businesses to co-design experiences and food offerings. By creating an ecosystem around each WanderPod, they aim to support local communities while offering guests a high-quality, sustainable accommodation option in Australia's pristine landscapes.

Wander's crowdfunding campaign signifies the company's dedication to sustainable tourism and their ambitious growth plans. With strong investor support, innovative construction methods, and a focus on local communities, Wander aims to redefine luxury accommodation in remote Australian locations. As the travel industry rebounds, their unique offering may attract travelers seeking premium, sustainable experiences immersed in the country's stunning natural beauty.



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