Akhil Sikri, Co-founder of Zolostays, Ventures into New Startup Endeavor


Akhil Sikri, one of the co-founders of Zolostays, the popular coliving startup, has embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey, marking a significant transition in his career. The details of this new project remain undisclosed at this point, but it represents a notable shift for Sikri.

According to information obtained from his LinkedIn profile, Akhil Sikri formally stepped down from his active role at Zolostays in March. However, he will continue to serve on the company's board of directors, suggesting that he maintains an interest and connection with the coliving platform.

Notably, Sikri's LinkedIn bio now identifies him as the co-founder of an upcoming project, yet the specifics and nature of this venture have not been publicly revealed. This air of mystery surrounding his new entrepreneurial endeavor has piqued curiosity within the business and startup community.

Zolostays, founded in 2015, has made a significant impact in the coliving sector, offering innovative housing solutions to individuals across India. The startup has garnered substantial attention from investors and has successfully raised a total of $98 million in funding. Prominent investors such as Investcorp, Nexus Ventures Partners, Mirae Assets, and Trifecta Capital have shown their support for the platform, highlighting its potential and growth prospects in the Indian market.

Sikri's departure from Zolostays may mark a turning point for the company, potentially signaling a change in leadership or strategic direction. However, with his continued presence on the board of directors, his expertise and vision will likely continue to influence the company's trajectory.

Startups and entrepreneurs often transition to new ventures as they seek fresh challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving business landscape. While the details of Akhil Sikri's new project remain shrouded in secrecy, it is a development worth monitoring, given his experience and the success of Zolostays in the coliving industry.

Akhil Sikri's decision to step away from his active role at Zolostays to pursue a new, undisclosed entrepreneurial endeavor marks a notable change in his career. As he ventures into this new project, the startup and business communities will be keen to learn more about the nature and potential impact of this mysterious undertaking. Meanwhile, Zolostays will continue its journey in the coliving space, supported by its impressive track record and investor backing.



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