based Network Detection and Response Solutions


French cybersecurity firm NANO Corp has successfully raised €4.2 million in seed funding led by G+D Ventures, with participation from Elaia Partners, Cyber K1, and Inovia Capital Precede Fund I. Established in 2019, NANO Corp has developed a patented technology that offers comprehensive network detection and response (NDR) solutions without requiring hardware acceleration. This innovation provides a unified view of all network data, from the edge to the cloud, making it a game-changer in the cybersecurity landscape.

In an era where companies increasingly rely on their networks to drive business operations, cybersecurity challenges have grown exponentially. Many organizations have struggled to find adequate network detection solutions, leading them to bear the high costs associated with additional hardware for network security.

NANO Corp's groundbreaking technology grants organizations complete visibility into their networks, allowing for the rapid identification of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, even in complex hybrid configurations. This innovation has the potential to disrupt the trusted network security sector for large and intricate networks, ushering in a new era of cybersecurity.

Fanch Francis, CEO of NANO Corp, expressed his gratitude for the support from international venture capital funds, emphasizing that this funding round reflects their vision and resilience. He added, "As we set our sights on broader horizons beyond France, we remain deeply grateful to our investors for seeing the transformative potential of NANO Corp’s future."

Assaf Shamia, investment partner at G+D Ventures, noted that the company was particularly impressed by NANO Corp's expertise in cybersecurity and its pioneering 100% software-based NDR solution capable of handling high network throughputs and full packet capture. This approach is set to drive transformative advancements in TrustTech across Europe.

Stéphane Klecha, managing partner at Cyber K1, emphasized the absence of worthy alternatives to NANO Corp's solution. He stated that their investment decision was influenced by the caliber of the management team and the global scalability of the product. The opportunity to co-invest with top European VC funds further expedited their decision.

NANO Corp's success in securing this seed funding not only validates its innovative approach to cybersecurity but also positions the company as a frontrunner in reshaping the future of digital security on a global scale. As organizations grapple with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, NANO Corp's software-based NDR solution promises to be a vital asset in safeguarding their networks and data.

With the backing of prominent investors, NANO Corp is poised to expand its presence and continue driving advancements in the cybersecurity landscape. As cybersecurity remains a paramount concern for businesses worldwide, the innovative solutions provided by companies like NANO Corp are crucial in maintaining the security and integrity of digital ecosystems.



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