BYJU’S Faces Criticism from West Bengal Consumer Panel Over Refund Complaint


BYJU’S, the prominent edtech major, has faced criticism from the Hooghly District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in West Bengal over allegations of unfair trade practices related to refunds. The panel's response came as it heard a complaint filed by a local resident who claimed to have experienced "mental harassment" due to the company's unresponsiveness to multiple refund requests.

The petitioner, in this case, had reportedly sought a refund of the course fee, which amounted to INR 65,000, along with a cancellation charge of INR 9,498. Additionally, the petitioner claimed an additional INR 5,000 as compensation for the alleged harassment and mental agony endured during the refund process.

The Hooghly District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission took a stern stance on the matter, characterizing BYJU’S actions as indicative of unfair trade practices. The panel directed BYJU’S to comply with the petitioner's requests by refunding the course amount and cancellation charge as per the complaint, along with the additional compensation for alleged harassment.

This incident adds to a series of complaints and controversies surrounding BYJU’S related to refund issues. Consumers have voiced concerns over difficulties in securing refunds for courses and subscriptions, which have been a subject of contention and dissatisfaction. These disputes have raised questions about the company's customer service and its responsiveness to refund requests.

BYJU’S, a major player in the edtech industry, has been navigating various challenges in recent times. While the company has been on a mission to turn profitable by March 2024, it continues to grapple with a range of issues, including a potential debt crisis, delayed financials, mounting losses, and mass layoffs. These challenges have cast a spotlight on the company's financial sustainability and ability to meet its growth targets.

The education technology sector in India has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, driven by increased digital adoption in education. Companies like BYJU’S have played a pivotal role in transforming the education landscape. However, issues related to refunds and customer satisfaction underscore the importance of maintaining transparent and customer-centric practices in this competitive industry.

BYJU’S faces scrutiny from the Hooghly District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in West Bengal over alleged unfair trade practices related to refunds. This case highlights the significance of effective customer service and dispute resolution mechanisms for edtech companies as they strive to maintain their reputation and competitiveness in the evolving educational technology market.



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