Dream11 Acquires Fantasy Cricket Platform Sixer Amidst Industry Challenges


Gaming giant Dream11 has made a strategic move by acquiring the fantasy cricket platform Sixer, founded by Amay Makhija in 2018. The acquisition was formally announced by Amay Makhija in an email communication sent to the platform's users, marking a significant development in the Indian gaming landscape.

Sixer has gained recognition as an online platform catering to cricket enthusiasts. It introduced a unique fantasy stock trading game that revolves around cricket players, offering users an engaging and immersive experience. The platform's fusion of cricket and stock trading elements has attracted a dedicated user base, making it a valuable addition to Dream11's portfolio.

This acquisition by Dream11 reflects the company's commitment to expanding its presence in the fantasy sports and gaming sector. Dream11, a unicorn in the Indian gaming industry, has been a pioneer in offering fantasy sports experiences across various sports, particularly cricket, which enjoys immense popularity in the country.

The gaming industry in India has been facing significant challenges related to taxation and regulatory changes. The revision of Goods and Services Tax (GST) rates for real money gaming has created uncertainty and operational challenges for gaming startups. Against this backdrop, Dream11's acquisition of Sixer demonstrates its ability to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and adapt to market dynamics.

The acquisition aligns with Dream11's overarching strategy of diversifying its offerings and providing a comprehensive gaming experience to users. By incorporating Sixer's fantasy stock trading game into its platform, Dream11 aims to cater to a broader audience and offer unique gaming experiences that extend beyond traditional fantasy sports.

Cricket's prominence in India, both as a sport and a cultural phenomenon, makes it a focal point for gaming platforms. The acquisition of Sixer by Dream11 further solidifies the company's position as a leader in the Indian gaming space.

Dream11's acquisition of Sixer is a strategic move that capitalizes on the synergy between the two platforms and reinforces Dream11's commitment to providing innovative and engaging gaming experiences. As the Indian gaming industry continues to evolve and adapt to regulatory changes, such acquisitions demonstrate the resilience and adaptability of leading players in the market.



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