Meet the IIT-Kanpur Graduates and Ex-ShareChat Employees Behind VivaHit: Transforming Wedding Guest Management!


In 2022, VivaHit emerged as a pioneering startup in the Indian wedding industry, revolutionizing the way weddings are managed by focusing on efficient guest management. Founded by Hemant Meharchandani and Aman Kumar, both graduates of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur and former employees of ShareChat, VivaHit seeks to simplify the intricate process of handling wedding guests. This report explores the inspiration behind VivaHit, its unique offerings, growing popularity, and future vision.

The Inspiration Behind VivaHit

Hemant Meharchandani's personal experience with wedding planning in 2019 served as the catalyst for the creation of VivaHit. During his own wedding preparations, he found that expenses were spiraling out of control, significantly exceeding his budget. This prompted him to think creatively and led to the idea of incorporating advertisements into wedding events as a means to offset costs.

Bridging a Market Gap

The Indian wedding industry, valued at approximately $50 billion, was notably lacking specialized tech platforms dedicated to managing wedding guests efficiently. VivaHit saw an opportunity to fill this gap, particularly targeting modern weddings in the upper social classes, where effective guest interaction is crucial for a memorable event.

User-Friendly App

VivaHit offers a user-friendly mobile application designed to simplify the guest management process. The app enables users to effortlessly add guests, send invitations, monitor RSVPs, and send reminders, all through the platform. Additionally, the app provides an array of features, including the creation of checklists, efficient guest list management, and effective distribution of wedding cards. It also encourages engagement by allowing families to share pre-wedding photos and activities.

Innovative Features

One of the standout features of VivaHit is its AI-powered photo scanning, which streamlines the process of managing photos from the event. While some functionalities are available for free, VivaHit offers more advanced features through three pricing packages, ranging from Rs 2,500 to Rs 10,000.

Growing Popularity

Since its introduction, VivaHit has gained significant traction, amassing over 6,000 downloads and being used in approximately 3,000 to 4,000 weddings. The company has also formed collaborations with photographers and banquet halls, expanding its services and offerings.

Future Vision

VivaHit has a forward-looking vision that includes the integration of AI-driven services. These services will enable users to visualize venue layouts, receive task suggestions, and select vendors based on their preferences. These additions aim to make wedding planning smoother and more personalized for users.

Successful Funding

According to The Indian Express, VivaHit recently secured $530,000 in funding, propelling the startup to a valuation of $4 million. This financial backing underscores the market's confidence in VivaHit's innovative solutions and its potential to transform the wedding planning industry.

VivaHit stands out as an innovative player in the Indian wedding tech industry, simplifying and streamlining the complex process of guest management. As Indian weddings become increasingly sophisticated and technology-driven, platforms like VivaHit are not only useful but essential. With a strong start and ambitious plans for the future, VivaHit is poised to make wedding planning seamless and enjoyable for countless couples in India and beyond. Its success and vision highlight the transformative potential of technology in the traditional wedding sector.



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