Meet Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan and Abhishek Bhowmick, Co-Founder of Cross-Cloud Collaboration Application: Samooha

Founded in the summer of 2022 by KamakshiAbhishek Bhowmick and officially launched earlier this year with a groundbreaking $12 million funding round led by Altimeter Capital and Snowflake Ventures, Samooha is on a mission to transform the way businesses and enterprises share, collaborate, and derive insights from their data while maintaining the utmost security.

The inception of Samooha can be attributed to a visionary leader who saw a pressing need in the market for treating consumer data with a higher level of sanctity. While discussions about data privacy and protection have been prevalent, Samooha recognized that this concept could extend far beyond the realms of marketing tech. It could encompass all industries and find applications in various use cases. In the world of software, there was a growing demand for a "big easy button" that would enable businesses to handle sensitive data responsibly and ethically.

The Challenge of Data Abuse

One of the critical challenges Samooha aimed to address was the ease with which data abuse could occur in the tech world. Often, companies resort to unethical practices simply because they lack straightforward solutions to handle sensitive data properly. As the complexity of data grew, businesses found it increasingly difficult to navigate the intricate landscape of data security and collaboration. The absence of easy-to-implement solutions led to a slew of data-related issues, with companies often cutting corners to stay afloat.

Samooha: A Transformational Approach

Samooha's approach to these challenges is nothing short of transformational. With the vision of creating a secure and seamless environment for data collaboration, Samooha introduced its core product—a cross-cloud, secure data collaboration application. This platform empowers businesses and enterprises to share data securely and collaboratively across different clouds and data stacks, regardless of the technologies they use.

What sets Samooha apart from other data collaboration solutions is its commitment to removing the friction associated with data sharing and collaboration while ensuring the highest level of security. In a digital landscape where data breaches and privacy concerns are rampant, Samooha provides a secure airway for data exchange, fostering trust and compliance.

Samooha's platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With the platform's intuitive interface, organizations can securely share data and collaborate with partners, suppliers, and clients, regardless of their geographical locations or the underlying cloud and data technologies in use.

Samooha's ambitions extend far beyond its current offerings. The company envisions a future where industries look back and laugh at how they used to handle data. Drawing parallels with the impact of blockchain on securing financial transactions, Samooha aspires to revolutionize data security and collaboration across sectors.

While Samooha has already made significant inroads in industries such as marketing and technology, it has plans to expand its footprint into healthcare and financial services. These sectors, with their unique data challenges and stringent regulatory requirements, stand to benefit immensely from Samooha's innovative approach to secure data collaboration.

With the recent injection of $12.5 million in Series A capital from Altimeter Capital, Samooha is poised to make its consumer-grade data application more accessible to a broader audience. As data continues to reign supreme in the digital age, Samooha's journey promises to reshape the landscape of secure data collaboration, one industry at a time.

Samooha stands as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of data collaboration and security. With its visionary approach and commitment to revolutionizing the way businesses handle sensitive data, the company has quickly made its mark in various industries.

As data breaches and privacy concerns become increasingly prevalent, Samooha's cross-cloud, secure data collaboration application offers a much-needed solution. It eliminates the friction associated with data sharing and ensures the highest level of security, fostering trust and compliance in an era where data is more valuable than ever.

Looking ahead, Samooha's ambitions extend beyond its current achievements. The company envisions a future where industries will look back and marvel at how data was handled in the past. Samooha's potential to disrupt industries like healthcare and financial services highlights the broad applicability of its innovative approach.

With a recent infusion of $12.5 million in Series A capital from Altimeter Capital, Samooha is well-positioned to make its consumer-grade data application accessible to a wider audience. In a world where data reigns supreme, Samooha's journey promises to reshape the landscape of secure data collaboration, one industry at a time.

In a digital age where data is both a valuable asset and a potential liability, Samooha's commitment to creating a secure and seamless environment for data collaboration represents a significant step toward a safer and more productive future for businesses and enterprises worldwide.



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