Terrifying Incident: Scottish Man's MG ZS EV Goes Out of Control


In a harrowing incident, a Scottish man named Brian Morrison found himself in a life-threatening situation when his MG ZS EV experienced a "catastrophic malfunction," causing him to lose control of the electric car. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, October 1, left Morrison terrified as his vehicle raced uncontrollably at 30 mph, ultimately requiring police intervention to bring the situation under control. This report details the events of the incident and the response from both Morrison and the authorities.

The Malfunction Unfolds

Brian Morrison was driving his MG ZS EV on a routine journey when he suddenly realized that he had lost control of the vehicle. The car became stuck at a constant speed of 30 mph, leaving Morrison unable to slow down or stop. His initial attempts to apply the brakes proved futile, leading to a loud grinding noise that added to his anxiety. Realizing the severity of the situation, Morrison became alarmed as he approached a roundabout with no means to reduce his speed.

Terrifying Moments

Inside the uncontrollable electric car, Morrison faced a nightmare scenario. Stuck at a seemingly low but uncontrollable speed, he was unable to exit the vehicle due to mobility issues. The feeling of helplessness compounded his fear as he feared crashing into a roundabout or worse, endangering pedestrians. In desperation, he contacted his wife and then reached out to the police for assistance.

A Perplexing Situation

The situation left both Morrison and the emergency responders perplexed. Even the call handlers had no prior experience dealing with such an issue and were at a loss for how to help Morrison. As he waited anxiously for assistance, Morrison's vehicle continued its relentless journey at a constant 30 mph.

Police Intervention

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the police dispatched three vehicles to address the emergency. With the electric car still out of control, one officer asked Morrison to throw his electronic key into their van. Despite their efforts to forcibly shut off the car's engine, the vehicle continued to speed forward. Left with no other option, the officers decided to bring the runaway electric car to a halt by allowing it to collide with their police van.

Manufacturer's Response

Following the incident, MG Motor UK issued a statement, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation. They expressed their intention to urgently inspect Mr. Morrison's vehicle with their engineering team to determine the cause of the malfunction. The statement emphasized the company's commitment to resolving the matter quickly and comprehensively.

The terrifying incident involving Brian Morrison and his MG ZS EV serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks associated with advanced automotive technology. While electric vehicles have become increasingly popular for their sustainability and technological advancements, this incident underscores the critical importance of safety measures and rapid response protocols in situations of vehicle malfunction. The cooperation between Morrison, the police, and the vehicle manufacturer highlights the necessity of effective communication and problem-solving in the face of unexpected emergencies. As electric vehicles continue to gain prominence, ensuring their safety and reliability remains paramount.



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