ONDC Introduces Incentive Program for E-commerce Platforms Ahead of Festive Season Sales 🛍️

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has rolled out an enticing incentive program aimed at boosting the performance of e-commerce platforms. Under this program, ONDC is offering substantial bonuses, with the potential to earn up to INR 35 lakh per week, to consumer-facing applications that can achieve specific order volume milestones. Additionally, ONDC has expanded the weekly limit on consumer discounts from 2 to 5 per week, signaling a push to enhance the e-commerce experience for shoppers.

Tiered Bonus System for Consumer-Facing Applications:

ONDC's incentive program is structured as a tiered bonus system, with rewards tied to the achievement of order volume targets. E-commerce platforms that can secure 50,000 orders per week will qualify for an initial bonus of INR 5 lakh. The program offers even more substantial rewards for platforms that can reach the milestone of 1,00,000 orders per week, with the highest bonus amounting to a remarkable INR 35 lakh.

Boosting E-commerce Activity:

The introduction of this incentive program is strategically timed to bolster e-commerce activity during the festive season, a period known for increased consumer spending and online shopping. By incentivizing platforms to scale up their order volumes, ONDC aims to create a vibrant and competitive e-commerce ecosystem.

Enhanced Consumer Discounts:

In addition to the bonus program, ONDC has also expanded the weekly limit on discounts available to consumers. Previously restricted to 2 discounts per week, consumers can now enjoy up to 5 discounts weekly. This move is expected to drive greater consumer engagement and encourage online shoppers to explore a wider range of products and services during the festive season.

Seller-Side Incentives:

ONDC's efforts to enhance the digital commerce landscape aren't limited to buyer-side platforms alone. The organization has also introduced rewards for seller-side applications. These incentives are tied to the successful onboarding of sellers based on their respective locations. This initiative is aimed at increasing the diversity and geographical reach of sellers on e-commerce platforms.

Preparing for Festive Season Sales:

The festive season in India typically witnesses a surge in consumer spending, driven by various festivals and celebrations. E-commerce platforms often experience heightened demand during this period. ONDC's proactive measures, including the introduction of the incentive program and expanded consumer discounts, demonstrate a commitment to supporting the digital commerce ecosystem and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

Competitive Landscape:

The Indian e-commerce sector is fiercely competitive, with major players vying for market share. The festive season represents a critical opportunity for platforms to attract new customers and retain existing ones. ONDC's incentive program is expected to drive increased competition among e-commerce platforms, ultimately benefiting consumers through better deals and offers.

Looking Ahead:

As the festive season approaches, ONDC's incentive program and consumer discount expansion are likely to have a positive impact on the e-commerce landscape. Consumers can expect a wider array of discounts and promotions, while e-commerce platforms are incentivized to scale up their operations to meet the increased demand.



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